Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Are you behind in your rent?  Were you unemployed after March 13, 2020? Did your hours get reduced?  We Are Here to HELP you with your past rent, and possibly three months future rent.  You may be eligible for Rental Assistance through the Emergency Rental and Utility Assistance Program (ERAP). Some applicants will also be required to complete Case Management.  

For more information, please call ERAP intake at 724-301-0596.

Note:   Landlords can apply on behalf of the tenant but must include tenant in the application certification process. All documents must be completed and signed.  

How to apply:

You can download an application and submit by email to ERAP2021apply@gmail.com , by mail to: 80 Jefferson Avenue, Sharon, PA 16146, or in person at 700 Martine Luther King Blvd. Farrell, PA. 
Applications are also accepted at Good Shepherd of Greenville. “Call 2-1-1 and ask about Mercer’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program.”

Renter Documents to submit:          NOTE: Missing documents could be cause for DENYING your application.

  • Complete the Lessee Household Certification/Tenant Application
  • W-2s for 2020, March 13, 2020 until the day of application for all members age 18 and over.
  • Proof of Unemployment - Letter from Unemployment Office or your employer if hours were reduced.
  • Social Security, SSI, Child Support, VA benefits or any other income.

Landlord Documents to submit      NOTE: Missing documents could be cause for DENYING your application.

  • Complete the Landlord Application and W-9.
  • Complete the Landlord Property Certification.
  • Copy of Lease agreement, signed by both the tenant and landlord, to verify rent and terms of agreement.
  • LANDLORDS:  The amount on the Lease and Monthly Request Amount MUST match.
  • Proof of property ownership. e., Deed, mortgage note, tax receipt.


Emergency Rental and Utility Assistance.


           (Pending income qualification and certification.)

  1. If you have a ten-day shut off notice. We will contact the utility company and offer a pledge to pay, this should stop the shut off.


  1. Terminated service, utility has been turned off. We will contact the utility company and request twelve months of billing, along with any reconnect fees. Payment will be based on qualifying months allowed. 


  1. Eviction for non-payment of rent due to loss of wages. Documentation of eviction needed.


  1. Living in substandard housing. Documentation need showing City has condemned the unit.


  1. Homeless, staying in hotel/motel. Documentation needed showing you were evicted or staying in substandard housing.  This person must also commit to meeting with the Housing Stability Workers.