Payment Standards
The maximum contract rent a landlord can charge is based on where the property is located, the number of bedrooms, the quality of the unit and the amenities of the unit and property. Rents cannot exceed 30% of the tenant’s income.If the landlord pays utilities, payments to the landlord are generally higher.

Payment Standards: Utilities Included (2018)

Location Bedrooms
  Efficiency 1 Bed 2 Bed 3 Bed 4 Bed
Sharon & Farrell 606 610 794 1023 1137
All Other Areas 606 610 794 1023 1137

Payment Standards: Utilities Not Included

If the tenant is paying some of the utilities, MCHA staff will work with you to estimate the contract rent. You can call our office at 724-342-4013 or 724-342-4014 during business hours to speak to a staff member about an estimate.