Housing Quality Standards
The unit, regardless of whether it is a single-family home, duplex, modular home, or apartment, must be safe, sanitary and secure and meet published Housing Quality Standards. These standards include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • An alternative exit in case of fire
  • A working cooking stove or range
  • A kitchen sink with hot and cold running water
  • A refrigerator that is of appropriate size for the unit
  • Space for storage, food preparation, and serving
  • Facilities and services for food waste disposal
  • Working light fixtures in the bathroom and kitchen
  • At least two electrical outlets in the kitchen, living room and each bedroom
  • Adequate air circulation
  • Free from dangerous levels of sewer gas, carbon monoxide, dust, fuel gas and other harmful air pollutants
  • A functioning flush toilet
  • A fixed tub or shower and a fixed basin with hot and cold running water
  • A kitchen, living room, bathroom and at least one bedroom or a living-sleeping room
  • No serious defects, such as large holes, bulging or loose surface materials on floors, ceilings or walls
  • A firm and weather tight roof

The unit is inspected prior to being accepted into the Housing Choice Voucher program. Periodically after that, the unit is inspected to ensure continued housing standards compliance. The unit is also inspected upon disputes filed by the tenant. Both the landlord and the tenant are expected to keep the unit in a safe, sanitary, secure condition.

Important: Units must meet the Carbon Monoxide Alarm Standards set forth in the Carbon Monoxide Alarm Standards Act of 2013 (PA PL 1229, No. 129).Â