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Welcome to MCHA’s Careers page!  We are proud of our committed staff!

The Mercer County Housing Authority (MCHA) is an equal opportunity employer. All employees and prospective employees will be recruited, selected and trained without regard to age, sex, race, religion, disability, national origin, marital status or veteran status. This same non-discriminatory consideration will be used in all other aspects of the employment relationship.

All applicants are carefully screened and full consideration is given to their training, education, skills, experiences, growth potential and previous work record.

All positions for hire will be contingent upon the employee passing a post-offer physical and drug screen.

MCHA offers a comprehensive benefits package and competitive wages.

How to apply

To be considered for employment at MCHA, you may:

Mail a resume to:

Mercer County Housing Authority
Human Resources Department
80 Jefferson Avenue
Sharon, Pennsylvania 16146

Apply in person:

80 Jefferson Avenue
Sharon, Pennsylvania 16146
Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00p.m.

E-mail your resume:

Amber Wiand

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Current Openings

Employment Application

Civil Service Information

All applicants interested in one of the positions listed at the bottom of this page, within the Mercer County Housing Authority must successfully complete the Pennsylvania Civil Service Test. Please click on the civil service web site for testing and application details. Applications for Civil Service positions can be filled out and submitted online at PA State Civil Service website.

How to Apply

Indicate on the application that you are interested in a civil service position in Mercer County. Upon successful completion of the Civil Service Test, you will receive your test score and rank within Mercer County and within the Commonwealth. When a position becomes available in Mercer County, the Mercer County Housing Authority will contact the Pennsylvania Civil Service Commission for a list of the rankings and scores of those who have completed the Civil Service Test. An availability survey will be sent to the highest-ranking individuals on the list, at that given time, to assess their interest in a particular position that has become available and/or to set up an interview for the position. The rankings will be used to repeat the process until the available position is filled.


 Area  Test Number  Job Code  Job Title
 Administration  Executive Director
 Administration  L0122  Administrative Officer II
 Administration  L0320  Grants Accountant
 Administration  2005568  L0032  Clerk Typist 2 (Local Government)
 Administration  L1050  Building Construction Inspector
 Administration  2012123  L0111  Administration Assistant I (Local Government)
 Fiscal  L0340  Comptroller
 Fiscal  2010023  L0380  Fiscal Technician (Local Government)
 Fiscal  2005568  L0032  Clerk Typist I (Local Government)
 Fiscal  2010023  L0360  Fiscal Assistant (Local Government)
 Occupancy  2008145  L0255  Director of Housing Management
 Occupancy  2010170  L0141  Property Manager (Housing)
 Occupancy  2010170  L0140  Assistant Property Manager (Housing)
 Section 8 Housing  2010170  L0580  Section 8 Coordinator (Housing)
 Section 8 Housing  2009063  L1051  Housing Inspector (Housing Authority)
 Section 8 Housing  2005568  L0032  Clerk Typist 2 (Local Government)



80 Jefferson Avenue
Sharon, PA 16146